XPX6 Carrier-grade Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point *LIMITED PRESALE*

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XPX6 Carrier-grade Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point *LIMITED PRESALE*

XPX6 Carrier-grade Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point *LIMITED PRESALE*

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PRE-SALE IS NOW OPEN! Limited number of these APs is  available at a special low price of ONLY $299 with additional 2,000 $XNET token bonus**! 
All accessories and a 3 Year Performance and Replacement Warranty Included!

Important Notes: 

Shipping & Delivery: Estimated delivery for this limited batch is before June 30, 2024.

*Deployment Restrictions:

  • United States: There are no geographic restrictions in the U.S. Deploy in any state or city, whether urban or rural, as long as it's in a commercial or public location! Start earning rewards immediately! 
  • Canada: Only selected locations qualify for $XNET token rewards:
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Montreal, Quebec
    • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Calgary, Alberta
    • Edmonton, Alberta
    • All international airports in Canada with direct daily flights to the U.S.
    • International hotels and resorts listed and rated on Google or Booking.com
    • U.S. border crossings: Commercial and public venues in the immediate U.S. border vicinity.
  • Residential Deployments: While XNET does not generally prohibit Wi-Fi deployments in residential areas, these are only beneficial if targeting specific public outdoor places e.g., playgrounds, pools etc., or immediate vicinity outside, e.g. nearby bus stops, shops etc. VERY Important: Mobile operators will not use or pay for Wi-Fi offload inside houses and apartments! These locations will be flagged and no rewards will be earned from such deployments.

**Bonus Requirement: To qualify for the 2,000 $XNET bonus, a minimum data offload of 10GB during 4 consecutive weeks is required. The bonus will be distributed during the first reward payout when the Access Point accrues rewards and meets this criteria. This offload amount should be easily achievable in any commercial or public location! 

XPX6 Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: The XPX6 Access Point is designed for simple setup and includes all necessary accessories.
  • Superior Range & Performance: Advanced omnidirectional 4x4 MIMO with 4 x 5GHz antennas for superior range and throughput + mesh connectivity. 
  • Compact Robust Design: Sleek aesthetics and compact form factor makes it ideal for outdoor deployments where building esthetics are important. 
  • Durability: With an IP68 rating, the XPX6 is built to withstand demanding outdoor environments, snow, rain or shine!
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): Clean and straightforward installation with included PoE injector and two outdoor-rated  CAT6 cables.
  • Versatile Mounting: Proprietary QuickMount™ technology allows for quick and easy mounting.

About XNET Wi-Fi Offload

Large mobile operators in the U.S. are increasingly offloading mobile data to Wi-Fi. By deploying the XNET XP6PRO in commercial venues like cafes, restaurants, and bars, you can start earning $XNET rewards instantly. Start improving mobile coverage in your community and provide mobile data to customers of major carriers today!

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XPX6 Outdoor AP

XP6-PRO Indoor AP

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