XG1 XNET "Marconi" Gateway

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XG1 XNET "Marconi" Gateway

XG1 XNET "Marconi" Gateway

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Introducing Marconi. Put your Baicells Nova 430, Nova 436Q or BLiNQ 300FWi radio to work on the XNET network! This package includes:

  • One (1) XG1 Marconi Gateway
  • One (1) year of SAS registration

IMPORTANT: Please note that your CBRS radio must be fully unlocked and released by SAS prior to onboarding to XNET. Visit the Marconi page to learn more about your conversion potential!

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    Can I move any of my unused radios to the XNET network?

    No, only FACTORY RESET Baicells Nova 430, Nova 436Q or BLiNQ 300FWi radios will work on the XNET network.

    Do I still need to deploy this new node in one of the XNET cluster areas?

    Yes!  Bringing up your node in the existing cluster areas will earn you maximum XNET token rewards.

    How does it work?

    Our engineers will upgrade and re-configure your radio remotely and bring it onto the XNET network. We ship you a Marconi gateway, you plug your Baicells Nova 430 or Neutrino 430 radio into the gateway and complete the registration process (xnet.company/activate). If all requirements are met, you will begin earning XNET tokens.

    Can I plug in more than one radio into my new Marconi gateway?

    No.  Each Marconi is limited to supporting a single radio at a time.

    Why is this a limited deployment?

    This is an experiment on our side to see if we can remotely build up and qualify systems on the XNET network.  And it’s a great opportunity to put any unused radios to work for you!

    What are the rewards?

    Please visit the XG1 Marconi document found here for additional details.

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